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Urges by Kaihi Urges by Kaihi
No matter how much acknowledgement you put into how bad these habits are, no matter how much you moved on with your life, they crawl back to you with a familiar, comforting feeling. No other thing or people can make them go away. And for the rest of your life you are to face and battle these urges, again and again like a tidal wave, but you should know you are no failure for having to deal with them. It is unfortunately a life long battle, but it will get better over time as long as you keep at it.

I got kind of lazy with the texture of the picture, so I used several textures, texture link and its owner below:… for fog, frame & liquid :iconwanderingsoul-stox:
enchantedgal-stock.deviantart.… for fabric by :iconenchantedgal-stock:… for metals by :iconmarkpiet:… for floating hands by :icont-a-g-g-e-r:
Textures are amazing things to use, many thanks to these deviants for having them.

The picture looks incomplete but I am not sure what it is exactly, probably the fact that I dished out on making a bg for this and just used a texture. I seem to have lost my patience for drawings these days, can't really put 110% into it. What's much enjoyable anymore if I can't even do 110% for something I love to do? It sucks.

Artwork & Character :iconkaihi:
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